Ekwamkrom Apprenticeship & Industry Training​

Gomowa Jukwa is a small town in Ghana that’s located in the central region. Gomowa Jukwa is approximately 80 kilometres from Accra, one of the main city’s in Ghana. However, as we are all aware, much of the well needed recourses and facilities afforded to larger towns, very rarely filtere down to smaller, more rural areas.

The Gomowa Jukwa youth
Apprenticeships project was started two years ago by King Okatakyi Idan IX. The King saw a need in his community and rather that wait for local or central government to do something, he took the lead in serving his community.

Developing the program has brought essential life long learning skills to young people. This has allowed many of them to become skilled employees and also go further to develop their own businesses.

The project has well over 200 young people who are currently, either going through the program or whom have successfully completed their training.


The areas that are currently available are in the arena of –

  • Building Engineering & Plumbing
  • Seamstresses & designers
  • Agriculture
  • Basic English Language
  • Hair dressing
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Brick Making, but to name a few

Along with the apprenticeship scheme the King is also passionate about children who have no homes or families to care for them. He is currently supporting up to 70 young orphans, whom he has personally sought good families for. These families have taken these children into their homes and are raising them as their own. The king personally funds their up-keep with medical care, clothes, food and education.

Cheryl Phoenix from The Black Child Agenda, who came to Ghana in January 2020 to establish a school, has witnessed the amazing work being done, she feels that this important program needs to be refined with a more strategic approach to reach more young people.

The work that is being done is amazing, however with a little tweaking we can give more access to this opportunity to a wider captivity of children and young people.

The Black Child Agenda UK, & The African Child Agenda Ghana are putting their full support behind this initiative.

By investing in young people you change their environment. One of the key areas in any community is building young people’s skills so they can go on and do great things.

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