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Suite 6, Vulcan house Wv147fl

Sister2Sister is a social enterprise that seeks to empower young BAME females aged 13-21, equipping them with the skills to step into a life of vision and purpose. We believe that where you go depends on who you choose to be from this moment on.


A mentor can talk to your child about problems that arise and help set future career goals. Having a mentor can raise your child’s self-esteem and could lead to better performance at school. Our Big Sister Programme supports young people in visualising and vocalising their dreams and aspirations. We offer practical strategies to positively change attitudes and behaviours to achieve transformation in the areas which have presented as challenging for them. We provide a bespoke programme which builds upon what the young person recognises as good about themselves. Our approach is always positive. Mentoring isn’t just about talking. We work on building life skills, confidence in social settings, resilience and overcoming difficulties plus so much more. Our programme empowers young people to develop positive peer relationships, deal with peer pressure, and focus more on their own feelings of self-worth.

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Phone: 0333 7729234
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