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About Us

The Black Child Agenda “Tackling the Schools to Prison Pipeline” was founded in 2011 by Cheryl Phoenix. After the systematic & Psychological abuse her and other Black children faced within the UK education system. Cheryl witnessed 16 young Black males who were permanently excluded (Expelled) from school, for what would be called minor infractions if these children were of a different race. The most shocking part was these children were never formally excluded but told they can no longer return to their school, this leaving then vulnerable and easy to be groomed into street culture. All this took place within a six week period on a term.


Cheryl decided to take matters into her own hands and create a place where parents can go for support and help.

The Black Child Agenda has evolved from strictly dealing with disproportionate exclusions of Black Children from mainstream education.

We also deal with, & have an amazing association bank of professionals who support families in the areas of

-Children & Families (Social Service issues)
-Employment Human Rights
-Home education
-Mental Health & Well being
-College & University