Youth Crime Prevention Orders Typical offences young black people are being arrested for Gangs and Grooming- common characteristics of those getting involved- also. Not just drug offences within gangs. Stop and Search

If you feel your child is getting involved in criminal activities, parents can engage professional services usually through their local authority.

Youth Crime prevention Programs

A  Child can be placed on a youth prevention program if they have been

  • Identified as being at risk
  • in trouble with the police
  • They’re involved in anti social behavior
  • Are at risk of “committing a crime”

Attending one of these programmes is voluntary. The young person and their parents or carers have to be happy with everything before it starts.

Many programmes are run by the council’s local youth offending team or by other local organisations like youth charities.

To find out about youth crime prevention programmes in your area, contact your local youth offending team.

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