The Phoenix International Academy of Excellence

Winneba is a well known town in Ghana that’s located in the central region. Winneba  is known as the University Town, where students from across the globe come to study. Winneba is approximately 10 kilometers from Accra, the capital of Ghana. However, as we are all aware, much of the well needed resources and facilities afforded to larger towns & cities, very rarely filter down to smaller, more rural areas.

The Phoenix International Academy of Excellence, will be based in, and across the Central region of Ghana. We aim to build at least four Science, Technology, Engineering Art’s Math’s & Languages (STEAML) academies with the flagship one being in Winneba

In a competitive but global market place the African continent has all the resources to lead in the technological arena. However, access to those  opportunities, and creating a shift from consumer to developer is what  we aim to build in the next generation. 


With currencies now digital, the metaverse, the new space to be, AI & Robotics the topic on the lips of tech heads, we can not afford to be left behind. 

Children will be educated in the specialist subjects of –

  • Building & Mechanical Engineering
  • Plumbing
  • AI, Bitcoin, Crypto, Algorithms, The Metaverse etc
  • Agriculture
  • Twi, Mandarin, French & English
  • Film & Media Production, Theatre & Dance
  • Wind Technology & Solar Energy  
  • Recycling, Renewable Energy, Brownfield and Contamination


The Black Child Agenda has been in Ghana since January 2021 and has been very busy on the ground. We have established ourselves as a charity called The African Child Agenda. 

Cheryl Phoenix from The Black Child Agenda, who came to Ghana in January 2021 to establish a school, has witnessed the amazing work being done, she feels that we need to be more refined and strategic in approaching the future of our children and technology.

The work has begun, with a your help and support we can give more access to this opportunity to a wider capacity of children and young people internationally.

The Black Child Agenda UK, & The African Child Agenda Ghana are striving to make sure we lead in this area.

By investing in young people you change their environment. One of the key areas in any community is building young people’s skills so they can go on and do great things.

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