Benefits of Yoga for School-Age Children that Effectively Reduces Anxiety

Benefits of Yoga for School-Age Children that Effectively Reduces Anxiety

Having healthy children is certainly a joy for parents. Not only quality food and sleep intake, physical activity is also important to support children’s health. Unfortunately, not all children are diligent in exercising, especially with the pandemic which makes it difficult for children to do physical activity outside the home. Yoga is often the best way when you want to encourage your child to do light physical activity that can be done at home. So, here are some of the benefits of yoga for school-aged children which are effective in reducing anxiety. Very good to do during a pandemic like now according to

1.Yoga helps children build strength and develop flexibility

Kids these days spend more time looking at screens or doing schoolwork, and yoga is a great way to get kids moving again. Yoga develops strength and flexibility at the same time. Most children are usually strong or flexible, but some are neither. Yoga can help with this.

2.Yoga prepares children for a healthy future

The benefits of yoga in children are not limited to the short term, there are long term benefits that are well worth the effort of teaching them to start a daily practice. Reporting from The Health, according to Power, yoga can help teach children a healthy future. For example, yoga can help regulate a child’s metabolism, help control weight, and prevent childhood obesity.

Additionally, regular yoga practice is believed to play a role in preventing diabetes and heart disease. So it is important for children to start yoga at an early age to develop this healthy habit throughout their life.

3. Yoga reduces anxiety in children

As a parent, you may have often heard about yoga being able to train children to be calmer. Reporting from WebMD, the reason yogis (someone who practices yoga) feel so good after yoga practice. Because this exercise can effectively release chemicals in the brain that are associated with reducing stress and anxiety. This effect is not only for adults, children who experience anxiety can also use yoga to help reduce worry.

4.Yoga can improve children’s performance at school

Every school child, often faces demanding and extraordinary challenges regarding mental focus. In fact, it is not uncommon for children to experience stress and anxiety related to school, for example being under pressure to do well in class or after school activities. According to one International Journal of Yoga study, stress can prevent children from doing their best in school. When yoga was practiced by 159 students with high levels of stress, their stress levels not only decreased but they also performed better in school.

5.Yoga teaches children to take care of their bodies

Reporting from PBS, Yoda can play a role in teaching children to listen to and care for their bodies. While doing yoga, children can be taught to pay attention to their bodies and how to deal with discomfort or pain during practice. It also helps the child to understand how his body feels when he is sleep deprived. Yoga can be a self-care activity that is not only used by adults but also children to care for their bodies throughout life.

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