Do You Know the Long Term Effects of Neurological Medication on Your Child?

They are VERY QUICK to medicate your child, but do you really know what the potential long term effects are?

The latest scientific literature indicates that boys averaging age 7-9, given a diagnosis of mild hyperactivity in the 1970s and treated with Ritalin (methylphenidate) in small doses, have come to a tragic outcome as a group.

Compared to a control group of normal children from the same time period, they have much higher rates of early death, atrophy of the brain, suicide, psychiatric hospitalization, incarceration, and drug addiction. By almost every measure, they have reduced quality of life and a shortened life.

Ritalin, Focalin, Adderall, Dexedrine, and other stimulants are in themselves damaging to the brain and to behavior. But these most devastating lifelong outcomes are the result of how stimulant drugs often lead to the use of a wide variety of psychiatric medications over many years.

The children are demoralized by the diagnosis and the lies they are told about how they must suffer from disabilities in attention, concentration, self-control, and motor activity for the rest of their lives. They also develop multiple adverse effects such as lethargy and apathy; depression; OCD and even psychosis in a significant number.

These drug-induced symptoms are then mistakenly treated as part of the child’s expanding mental illness. In addition, these addictive drugs change the brains of children, making them more likely to abuse other drugs, especially amphetamines, as young adults.


(1) The initial stimulant causes adverse effects such as depression, anxiety, agitation, insomnia, psychosis, and aggression, which the health professionals then fail to recognise as harmful drug effects. Often these drug effects are dismissed, overlooked, or viewed as the unmasking of other mental disorders, leading to the prescription of cocktails of drugs that over the years ruin the individual’s life.

(2) The drugs “work” by stifling spontaneous behavior and enforcing OCD so that the child socialises less, thinks and imagines in a more constricted fashion, and simply cannot take advantage of ordinary growth experiences because of the limits on his social and psychological capacities.

(3) They have not been shown to help academic performance, mental well-being, or other measurements of psychological or physical well-being. Instead, they have been shown to stunt physical growth.

(4) The initial diagnosis of ADHD ruins the child’s sense of personal responsibility and self-control so that the child no longer thinks he can control himself. The most important aspect of growing up—taking responsibility for one’s thoughts, emotions, and conduct—is undermined. This renders the child less able to grow up into a mature adult.

(5) The initial diagnosis of ADHD undermines parental emphasis on teaching discipline and devoting the necessary time to the child. Professionals absolve the parents of parental responsibility, so they do not take classes or get therapy to help them improve their parenting.

(6) The initial diagnosis of ADHD discourages teachers from teaching discipline to children who need attention, and so the child is robbed of learning self-discipline in the classroom.

The drugging of children increasingly throughout the world is a tragedy. Millions upon millions of children and youth will never know their full potential because they grew up with an intoxicated brain — their neurotransmitters forever deformed by being bathed in these drugs during their formative years. Additional millions will become career consumers of psychiatric drugs with a vastly reduced quality of life and shortened lives.

It is time to say, “No more of this!” and to directly confront the need for stopping this inhumane, destructive approach to our children and youth.

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  1. Wow the systematic down play to distroy certain boys from certain communities leaving then and rendering future Hope’s of the future generation. Destroy them from a young age, cuts off potential life line.

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