Education, Mental Health & The Black Child In Care

This is our rescheduled date, for our previous event navigating the education system.

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Our key Speakers are-


Kay Manning mental Health Praticitoner In Manchester who has the first-hand experience of how the system works. Not only does Kay excel in her career, but Kay is a community advocate for parents and young people in her local community, supporting families who need to challenge issues.


Sara Amanda – Has a long-standing history of supporting women who have suffered domestic abuse & exploitation. Sara is a campaigner for equal rights and justice on an international platform and is well known for her unapologetic approach.

Ria Roo – Maria is an unapologetic campaigner & advocate for children’s & parent’s rights, especially Black/mixed-race children & families who are involved in the social care system. Maria has 20 years of experience as a Social Worker and has seen first hand the discrimination & injustices of how Black/mixed-race children/young people & parents are treated in the system.

Cheryl Phoenix – The Black Child Agenda – Navigating the UK education system and your rights.
We have decided to make this event a more focused day with key Speakers & expertise within the area of Mental Health & The Black Child.


Why are Black children being taken into care with almost no evidence? How are they treated once there?
Exclusions and the Black Child, Why has the number gotten worse over the years’ despite government and media producing endless report’s highlighting the issue?

Sexual Exploitation & violence, how do you recognise the signs?

Navigating the UK education system, the why’s and wherefores when challenging the system


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