How to Navigate The Education System


Schools are back and exclusions are on the rise, children having meltdowns because of mental health. However, the support needed is not being given, in fact, our children are shut in isolation, or permanently excluded. No compassion given for their well being, no compassion given for the fact they have been at home for the past five months. We are now entering another lockdown until December 2020.

How do you as a parent navigate this? how do you appeal? what can you do to support your child? are you being supported?

If you want an event that gives you the truth, facts, and #unapologetic reasoning, this is the event for you.

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The Black Child Agenda CIC is an international multi-award winning organisation, supporting children and families who face discrimination, overt & covert racism, and permanent exclusion from mainstream education. Bullying & isolation is a major issue that black children face within UK school’s and usually goes unchallenged by those who are put in a position to safeguard children.

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