Tips on How to Choose a Used Motorcycle Wisely!

Tips on How to Choose a Used Motorcycle Wisely!

Making a choice when buying a motorbike is often confusing, should you buy a new or used motorbike? Actually, there is nothing wrong with both options, depending on how you can sort and check first.

When talking about choosing a used motorbike, of course you have to be more careful and don’t be too hasty in making a decision. Because there are several factors that are worth paying attention to. Both from the condition of the motorbike itself, to the market situation.

What is the wisest way to choose a used motorbike that you will use in the future? Just pay attention to the 10 tips below!

Determine the motorbike you want to buy

The first step you should take is to know which type of motorbike you want to own. Of course, this will reduce your difficulties when you want to choose, because there are many choices available on the market.

The easiest way is to make sure the type of motorbike suits your needs. Considerations include whether the distance will be long or not, whether the motorbike is automatic or not, and you also need to match it with your financial situation.

Get to know motorbike market prices

To avoid naughty behavior from sellers, it’s a good idea for you to also know the current market price of motorbikes. If the price of the motorbike is not too far from the new price, then you could make a loss. Likewise, don’t be too tempted by the low prices offered.

Choose a Credible Seller

Being more selective when choosing a seller is important apart from knowing the market price of motorbikes. Knowing the credibility of the seller is also an effective strategy to avoid fraud.

Check the vehicle registration

When you have decided on a day to see the condition of the motorbike with the seller, start by checking the vehicle documents. Do the STNK and BPKB match the number plate and owner’s name? Through BPKB, you can trace the history of this motorbike. This aims to prevent buying a stolen motorbike.

Check the Frame and Engine Number

After checking the STNK and BPKB, don’t forget to check whether the frame and engine numbers match. This also aims to ensure that the motorbike you buy is not a stolen motorbike.

Check the condition of the motorbike body

After the documents, frame number and engine, don’t forget to check the condition of the motorbike’s body. Good condition, of course free from scratches, dents and cracks. If these three things are present on the motorbike, there is a possibility that the vehicle has had an accident.

Whether the spare parts are original or not

Ensuring whether the spare parts used are original or not is also important. Because you can find out whether accessories or engine parts have been replaced. Inviting relatives who understand more about motorbikes could be another strategy and additional info.

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