Typical British food that makes you drool, don’t read it while fasting!

Typical British food that makes you drool, don’t read it while fasting!

Maybe not many of us know, but most of the foods originating from Great Britain actually have a bad reputation. Many people give it a bad rap because they say that typical British dishes are mostly bland, boring, not varied, or just simply boiled or overcooked.

In fact, such a claim is not true. In fact, there are various kinds of typical British culinary delights. Apart from that, not only visually, but the food from this country is also no less tempting to the tongue.

1. Full English breakfast

It’s not breakfast if you haven’t tried the full English breakfast. It is called full because this breakfast dish consists of various types of side dishes, such as bacon, fried eggs, sausages, grilled tomatoes, mushrooms, baked beans and hash browns.

When eating a full English breakfast, it is usually accompanied by a cup of warm tea or coffee and delicious toast. Even though it is called breakfast, it is not uncommon for local people to eat it as brunch. Apart from that, this breakfast dish also has unique variations in each region.

2. Scotch eggs

Those of you who like processed eggs really have to try this dish. It’s called scotch egg, which is a dish of boiled eggs wrapped in bacon, coated with breadcrumbs. So, after coating with these ingredients, the eggs will be deep fried until crispy.

No one yet knows for sure the origins of this food. However, scotch eggs are not only famous in England, the people of Uncle Sam’s country also like them and they often eat them with various sauces, one of which is ranch dressing. Very delicious!

3. Cornish pasty

Included in the country’s culinary heritage, Cornish pasty is a pasty dish containing beef, potatoes, rutabaga and onions. After investigating, this pastel emerged from the idea of a Cornish miner.

Because they often couldn’t return to the surface for lunch, they decided to make something delicious, but easy to eat. Then, Cornish pasty was created.

4. Shepherd’s pie

Still a meat dish, shepherd’s pie is a variant of pie that contains minced lamb. Not just meat, the top of this pie is covered with a thick layer of mashed potatoes.

According to the Britannica page, this food can be created to reprocess leftover meat from the Sunday roast, a traditional British meat feast, so that it doesn’t go to waste.

5. Fish and chips

So of course, when discussing typical British food, fish and chips cannot be forgotten. As the name suggests, fish and chips is a dish consisting of fried fish fillets eaten with fried potatoes.

Even though it is a fried dish, fish and chips are also quite nutritious, you know, namely they contain protein, fiber, iron and vitamins. Besides that, to enjoy the deliciousness even more, you can pour malt vinegar on it or you can also eat it with tomato sauce and visit us.

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